Voice LookUp

When you purchase a license, you will recieve a license key. With that key, Voice LookUp
will not expire. You must have downloaded a version of LookUp (from the download area).

Licensing agreement:

LookUp is licensed one of two ways, either to the indvidual or to the machine. You as the licensee have the option of considering the license to be either a machine license or a personal license. But, it is one or the other. You may not switch licensing modes, back and forth.

If your license is a machine license, you may install LookUp on one PDA and LookUp can be used on that PDA by anyone.

If a license is a personal license, that person may put LookUp anywhere he pleases (multiple copies on multiple machines, whereever it is convienient for him to have it) for that person's EXCLUSIVE use.

If you are an organization, you can license in any combination (for individuals in your organization or for machines in your organization). If a copy is assigned to an individual, that individual can put LookUp anywhere he pleases. Should he leave your organization, the license is transferrable to another employee.

To purchase by credit card using our secure server:
MasterCard or Visa

To purchase by mail send a check to HandHeld Speech LLC for $20
(residents of MA, add sales tax -> $21.00) to:

HandHeld Speech LLC
18 Hillside Ave
Amesbury MA 01913 USA

You MUST also include your email address.
Upon receipt of check we will email the license key to you.


The non-eval version of the SDK is not available online. You must send a check for $1000 to the
above address to purchase it (include an email address -- the sdk will be delivered via email).
But before you do that you should have a conversation with our developers. Send an email to:
HandHeld Speech and include a phone number where you can be reached.

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